Take It To The Limit

Written by: PP on 25/12/2008 16:52:52

Hinder's previous album "Extreme Behavior" was infamous for two reasons: being labeled as one of the worst albums of the year by Allmusic, as well as for its chauvinistic, derogatory comments towards women. Nevertheless, the album went three times platinum in the US, with the mainstream press hailing them as the 'next big thing' within the hard rock / post-grunge genre. Three years has passed since, and the band is now ready with "Take It To The Limit", a direct continuation of the band's sound and attitude of their debut album.

The problem I've always had with Hinder is that they're kind of like a poor man's Nickelback. They write almost identical music to Nickelback without having the slightest clue of how to write songs as catchy as them. Hinder songs are often almost there but always lack the final push to make the song an uber catchy chart-busting hard rock anthem. That results into an album full of material that is otherwise known as the "filler" (non-singles) on Nickelback albums; boring, formulaic hard rock which follows the verse-chorus-verse-chorus idea with dollar signs glowing out of the band's eyes. It also results in some of the worst lyricism this planet has ever seen: "Just a kid just a fool / Always trying to play it so cool"..... spare me, please.

Now, fans might argue that some of their songs indeed are catchy, and I won't argue against that. For every retarded piece of shit lyric found on this album, there's a chorus that you don't mind playing on the background as driving music. Worth mentioning also is that the album sounds precisely like "Extreme Behavior" did, meaning that anyone who liked that album will also like "Take It To The Limit". But this doesn't take away the single most annoying aspect of Hinder, the fact that they sound just like Nickelback, Seether and all that sort of bands, without all the uber-catchy songs, let alone the fact that "Take It To The Limit" largely sounds like left-over songs from "The Dark Horse".


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Release date 04.11.2008

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