Miles Away But Getting Closer

Written by: PP on 23/12/2008 00:20:25

Heads up all post-hardcore / screamo fans, especially those of you whose alter ego is known as Trusted Few fanboy. New and exciting band has arrived to satisfy all your melodic hook needs with loads of focus on the catchy chorus part as well as the breakdown-infested screamo-sessions. I'm of course talking about Scotland's premiere screamo outfit Yashin and their new (well, relatively speaking) EP "Miles Away But Getting Closer".

First off, lets play a little more ball with the Trusted Few reference: Yashin's clean-singer sounds so similar to Trusted Few's Johan that I've more than once dropped what I was doing to make sure I wasn't listening to a brand new Trusted Few song or something. Secondly, the song structures of these two bands also match closely; there are rhythm changes and breakdowns, but none of them appear particularly 'scene' as is the case with most of their US counterparts, instead showcasing a naive, inexperienced band who hasn't been around much yet. Don't take me wrong here, because I don't mean it in the bad way, it's actually quite refreshing to hear an honest screamo band after hearing so many pretentious 'artsy' (as they like to call it) bands from the other side of the pond. Plus, the band's complex guitar hooks take all your attention anyway. Yeah, they are cliché post-hardcore scales up and down just like you've heard on many other releases in the genre before, but they are executed tightly and with passion, and that can make all the difference in the world.

The production is perfect with just enough rough edge on especially the screams and breakdowns, while still leaving the melodic hooks smooth-sailing high above the rest of the instruments and the vocalist's clean voice strongly controlling what's going on otherwise. Added bonus is that all songs on the EP are fucking catchy, there aren't many moments where you don't find something to cling onto, be it a cool drum pattern, a perfect guitar line, or an infectious verse line. Fact is, if you're a big time fan of post-hardcore/screamo, there isn't any reason why Yashin wouldn't stand among your favorite bands for the time being; if it wasn't for the emo/screamo/metalcore trend fading out, these guys would've been signed long time ago.

Download: Heroes
For the fans of: Trusted Few, Flood Of Red, early-Funeral For A Friend
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Release date 15.07.2008

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