Carnage Junkie

Written by: NB on 19/12/2008 18:19:34

I often wonder at what point a band makes the decision to split up and move onto other things. Some bands are an instant success with their first or second album, others steadily rise to fame over a period of 10 years or so. Paganizer is not one of these bands. It has been around for 10 years and there is no discernible difference between any of their albums. This might explain why there has also been no discernible increase in their level of fame.

The band is all about traditional death-metal. The riffs are simple, the sound is heavy and of course the vocals are incomprehensible. As with most death-metal arrangements the drumming is pretty technical and provides much of the interest in the tracks. There are moments on "Carnage Junkie", however, when it seems to me like either the band is trying to be very clever and not really succeeding or the guitarist and drummer wrote their parts alone without knowing what the other was playing resulting in an odd incongruity. Overall though, the album is well produced, the tracks are short and sweet (especially the faster ones) and the vocals harsh and echoing in the traditional death-metal fashion. And you do get your money's worth with 12 tracks and 5, apparently anonymous, bonus tracks.

So: a solid effort, a good listen, but can we really let a band of so many years get away with this? Just churning out more of the same, the same old tune that they (and most other death-metal acts) have always played. I don't think so. Because, to be honest, I wouldn't notice or care whether I was listening to Paganizer or any of the countless other bands in this stale genre. Seriously, go on Paganizer's page and listen to any one of the first 20 similar artists (except Ribspreader because that is essentially the same band). Can you tell them apart?


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Release Date 10.10.2008
Vic Records

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