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In:Aviate is an up and coming emotive indie-rock band I've been made aware of by a friend of mine. A brand new act, dropping their debut album "1985" on us in the same year as they released their first demo "Speak", instantly being picked up and backed by Victory Records on its behalf. That little story alone should already clue you in on what kind of band this is, as well as whether or not you're a person it'll appeal to - that is, do you normally appreciate emo/scene music or do you not?

If you don't, you might as well bail out now, but if you do, there's reason to stay a while longer. Especially if you also decide to take a listen to "1985"'s intro "In The End" and opening song "Redefining Automation". The pair opens up with guitars blazing and grooving, volume turned up and instant hints to Circa Survive and Saosin popping up, the latter of the two tracks boasting a pretty catchy chorus as well. That's not a bad start, however, once the following "Question Everything" gets stuck in a pitch way up on height with Jamie's Elsewhere it takes a bit of the momentum out. Then "Through The Light Darkly" takes us to the comparison that's going to be one of two that dominate the rest of the album, namely that to The Receiving End Of Sirens. However, "Transcendental Weather", "Ascension", "Eulalia" and "Awake" all slow the pace down and focus on dreamy melodies that are most similar to those of Gracer, before the TREOS resemblance becomes really clear. It does so in "We All Seek The Truth" that wouldn't feel odd on one of that band's albums (nor on one by Denmark's own Flashing Of Knives) and "Kissing Tigers" is almost straight out of their playbook with the extremely textured progression. "And The World Will Know" then dishes out some truly anthemic riffage before the album sends us off with the ironically titled "In The Beginning".

How's that for a superficial track-by-track description?

The similarities to the band's I've mentioned should however ensure anyone in the know that these guys can't be all bad, simply because they sound like so many good bands - And that's not a wrong perception. In:Aviate have an awesome sound and their debut record feels endlessly deep and meaningful as an effect, however, when it comes to topping off their work with climaxes that truly stick and sweeping releases of the tension that's been built, the band do not have me entirely convinced. Other than the chorus of "Redefining Automation", I only have a few other lines that really stick to my mind, and in general, the album makes me feel like the songs are only 90% there. That doesn't change that for a debut this sounds pretty strong though, and while the band work on refining their craft, you and I can enjoy "1985" every once in a while. I just doubt that it'll be more often than that.


Download: Redefining Automation, And The World Will Know, Ascension
For The Fans Of: The Receiving End Of Sirens, Gracer, Saosin

Release Date 13.10.2008
Victory Records

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