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I Want My Girlfriend Rich

Written by: TL on 05/12/2008 17:05:24

Last time we heard from Kid Down they were taking a step away from the emo sound they had on their original "Dead Kid Songs EP", with their debut album "And The Noble Art Of Irony", a move they've now taken to the fullest extent on their sophomore album "I Want My Girlfriend Rich".

Were the previous album was still filled with its share of sharp edges, mostly in the smartass Say Anything-ish lyricism, the new album has been shaved of everything edgy, reducing the band to a sound that is decidedly POP/rock, as proved instantly by the first single "I'll Do (It For You)" that seems more similar to Hellogoodbye than to anything else. Following the anthemic opener "To The Rhythm Of A New Drum" on the album, those two songs initially set a pretty good mood for the album, even if they are a bit softer and safer than what would be preferred.

Pretty soon however, the slightly heavier and more serious rock tone of the last album starts feeling like it's missing, and before this album is over, it is only the witty lyricism that reveals that Kid Down are in fact more than a cheap boyband like Busted or Simple Plan. In some of their verses and in the songs with the most electronic tendencies, they may sound like Hellogoodbye or a very soft version of Say Anything, but it is unfortunately to little avail when every chorus is sugar coated to the point where it can be readily served to preteens along with their oatmeal.

Now Kid Down have always been somewhat silly, but I'm afraid that this album takes it too far, and effectively, there's not much else to say except that it's a bit of a letdown after "And The Noble Art Of Irony". The witty jokes of that record were funny because of the semi-angry meanings that were behind them, but those have been surgically removed here, and effectively "I Want My Girlfriend Rich" is another one of those records that you'll be fine about if it appears in your playlist at random, but it's otherwise much too safe and superficial to make any kind of lasting impression whatsoever.

Download: To The Rhythm Of A New Drum, I'll Do (It For You), People Say You Find Everything On Wikipedia
For The Fans Of: Hellogoodbye, Say Anything, Chemical Vocation, Busted

Release Date 20.10.2008
Epitaph / Burning Heart Records

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