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Off With Their Heads

Written by: MR on 25/11/2008 15:37:39

After a critically acclaimed debut album and the average "Yours Truly, Angry Mob", the third album by Leeds based Kaiser Chiefs is out. KC is one of those bands that seemed to have found their personal formula: it is based on the tempo-filled drumming, a crunchy guitar sound, uplifting choruses and the sharp and attention-demanding keyboards. Listening to the album is an uplifting experience, it simply reminds me of their debut "Employment" with the fantastic "I Predict A Riot" as one great song among many. Alhough the hits are harder to recognize on "Off With Their Heads" it surely will be played on every mainstream radio around in the countries that bother giving the lads attention.

I find special appreciation on the song "Never Miss A Beat". The song's 'insisting' lyrics are a definite assurance that you will learn the lyrics pretty quick and as result, you'll be brain damaged, humming "what did you learn today?/I learned Nothing!" - it's pretty annoying I tell you. Early Blur is still very easy to recognize in KC's sound and thank God for that. Some fans might have experienced a lifted eyebrow with the announcement that the multi hit-maker Mark Ronson was to produce their next album, but although the synths and keys have gotten a more important role, it is still the rough and typically English voice of Ricky Wilson and the crunchy guitars that are the central assets in the band's sound.

Releasing three albums in three years is freaking amazing when you have in mind how much the band tours around the world. But "Off With Their Heads" seems to suffer from the crazy speed with which these guys are moving. In some ways, their songs have become a bit predictable and, as mentioned before, they use the same formula, which has the unfortunate outcome, that it all kind of begins to sound precisely like their previous releases. In other words, it might easily be that I would've rated it higher if it was released in 2005 and it was their debut. I loved "Employment" but this band doesn't have the 'thing' that allows them to repeat the same album again and again (think about Red Hot Chili Peppers or U2). That being said, this isn't a bad album at all, and Kaiser Chiefs present some decent melodies, but maybe they need to stop for a moment and reflect on how they can keep evolving.


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Release date 13.10.2008
Polydor/Universal Records

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