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Written by: TL on 13/11/2008 00:13:44

Back around 2005 when one was still kicking around MySpace more often than Facebook, chatting up identikit emo-girls and digging up identikit emobands, both by the handfuls, I remember stumbling upon a band called Everdae and giving them a good deal of attention/rotation. Songs from their first EP "Lights Out At The Sound Of Hysteria" and before, like "Colors", "Bucca Di Cappo", "Song In C" and "Baroque Overture" all made a good impression back then, and have been known to find their way to my playlist every once in a while, and thus I didn't hesitate when their name popped up on our review list, courtesy of their new EP "Don't Make A Sound" which is now reviewed here.

Back in the day, Everdae sounded pretty much like A Thorn For Every Heart, slightly poppier but still always far from backing the "Rock / Emo / Soul" tag they've always worn on their MySpace page. A couple of years down the road and I think A Thorn.. is still pretty much the closest resemblance I can come up with, however, this time around, the soul-elements are present and prominent. Something that must not necessarily bode ill for the band, but it ends up doing so anyway, when the end result is that the band has moved towards sounding like bands like Danger Radio or The Higher. There's still the odd pseudo-passionate emo outcry here and there, and a 'heavy' bridge to boot, but really, most of the weight is carried by the poppy parts here, and as for the change in sound I have to say that I liked Everdae better last time around.

Style is seldom the defining issue though, and what really is the make or break point of "Don't Make A Sound EP" is its songs. Unfortunately, Everdae are also worse off here compared to their previous release. I don't know if it's the backing vocals that seem too much, the cheesy synth that opens the record or a combination of the new poppier elements that turn me off here, but the only song I really find myself wanting to hear outside of my reviewing duty is the title track, and even that doesn't measure up to any of the older songs. I hate being one of the people who complain about how things were just better earlier in the career of the band I like, but in the case of Everdae, things really were much better when the band was decisively more emo/poppunk than soul/poprock. All in all, there's nothing wrong, bad or annoying about the new EP beyond the fact that it's not as cool as its predecessor, and as such, I'll still wait with passing more serious judgment over the band till I have a debut album on my hands.

Download: Don't Make A Sound
For The Fans Of: A Thorn For Every Heart, Danger Radio, The Higher
Listen: myspace.com/everdae

Release Date 01.09.2008

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