Our Last Night

Building Cities From Scratch

Written by: PP on 14/11/2005 01:09:44

Our Last Night is one of the best examples of how a band can get huge these days without the support of a small, let alone big label promoting behind them. The band belongs to the newer generation of Purevolume/Myspace bands, who trust in the word of mouth and giving out free songs to download and/or to stream for the general public.

I don't know what it is about this band that I truly love. I still remember it like my first kiss, when I heard "The Truth We Can't Handle" from their demo almost half a year ago, and instantly fell in love with it. Is it their eleven (11) year old screamer (I'm serious)? Is it that the band is this talented when their average age is 17? Is it because everyone else loves them? Whatever it is, to me, Our Last Night excels in and represents all of the best elements in both emo and screamo genres. This is why it makes me sad to realize, that on their debut full length the band attempts to deliver several pure hardcore tracks such as "Nothing Says 'I Love You' More Than A Restraining Order" or "Six Fists Hit Harder Than One", because they just simply aren't up to the par with the excellent emo/screamo hybrids such as "Part II:" or "Blanket Of Bullets", both of which belong to the better half of emo tracks produced this year.

"Building Cities From Scratch" also surprises me by the quality leap in comparison to their demo EP - both are self-recorded but yet the full album achieves a near-professional studio-like sound. But I'm not sure if I like it too much; at least "The Truth We Can't Handle"'s demo version sounded better to me. While the new version is still awesome, and the breakdowns of "rea-li-zing" and "si-tu-ati-on" are still my favorite breakdowns ever, the raw edge of the demo track is missing. The demo track caused demolition and carnage to several innocent pieces of furniture in my room by its raw, honest brutality, but somehow the album's tracks seem to miss that special edge.

But don't get me wrong, this isn't a negative review by any means. I'm just so disappointed over what the album is, in comparison of what it could have been. It could've easily been a serious candidate for the album of the year, had the band kept their lack-of-production, lo-fi sound, which enhanced the 11/12-year old Trevor's vocals ever so much.

Yet I'm still astonished that Our Last Night aren't signed. The band has been hyped about for months and months, and "Building Cities From Scratch" is one of the best, freshest emo/screamo hybrids released this year, and it deserves to be heard by the millions. If I was going to start a record label, this would be the very, very first band I would sign.


Download: The Truth We Can't Handle, Blankets Of Bullets
For the fans of: Silverstein, Saosin

Release date 07.10.2005

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