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Trigger Nation

Written by: MR on 04/11/2008 14:40:39

I fucking hate this band! If I had my chance I would beat the crap out of them. Not that I'm able, when considering my absence at the gym or my incapabilities to go through an entire fight with one of these guys. But I simply detest their attitude towards everything else than music. As I've read and experienced on first hand this band has a so called Oasis-attitude: We are good - and everything else is rubbish. From a personal point of view I've had my encounters with one of the band members some time ago and maybe a review isn't the right place to bring my personal life up. But you will come to find soon that it has a reason.

Rock Hard Power Spray made it big a couple of years ago after winning the international competition Emergenza, which landed them a support slot for The Bloodhound Gang. Then they recorded a widely acclaimed debut album, and a lot of hype followed. But the sales missed out (instead they guys made some money from t-shirt sales), with the record only selling about 5000 copies in total. RHPS try hard to be this controversial "we don't give a fuck" band, which has lately been demonstrated with t-shirts, made by the band, stating their anger with the missing invitation to play at the Roskilde Orange Stage. Rumour says that Roskilde Festival declined saying they do not want bands who will split up next year.

Now...after kicking Rock Hard Power Sprays ass (yeah right), I will reach out my hand and compliment them on the very beautifully crafted new album "Trigger Nation". There isn't a band in Denmark right now who is more ROCK than RHPS. They don't compromise themselves to get more mainstream. They don't try to be something they're not. And when listening to the record, you feel the honesty and direct style that the boys pull through. Take for instance the great "We Belong In Bed". The spitting vocals in the verse, combined with the catchy chorus, are very smoothly put together. A little remark here: It is a great way to tell your girlfriend that you need to get laid. Just play the song. Works perfectly.

The production is buff and solid. Its warmth mixed with the sharpness of the drums makes you think of the production from a Foo Fighters or a Queens Of The Stone Age album. I don't actually think that there is a band who are more ready to step outside the Danish borders that these lads. They're definitely more ready than Volbeat, which I've reviewed a month ago. Their raw energy, their crystallized production, and their will to succeed has resulted into their own sound. Maybe some might argue that the album loses a bit of breath in some parts like in "I Think It Sucks" or "Blackmail" (notice the very annoying "don't question my authority" singing). So what RHPS need to focus on their next record is the somewhat impersonal singing. Maybe it's simply the lack of singing talent or poor pronounciation that tricks me, but this is a dimension where this otherwise excellent band could make their improvements. Then maybe and just maybe they might get the honor of opening Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival. After hearing the record, you are kind of left with the feeling that.. well, maybe they should get a shot at it, agree?

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For the fans of: Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age
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Release date 21.04.2008
Copenhagen Records

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