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Blessed Be Our Ever After

Written by: TL on 28/10/2008 16:42:49

Sarasoat, Florida-based upstarts Burden Of A Day were presented to me a while ago, by a friend with whom I share a love for all things screamo, so upon listening to their second release "Blessed Be Our Ever After", I wasn't exactly surprised to find that they're yet another example of the flourishing American Christian post-hardcore scene.

Realizing this, there's already more than a handful of bands lined up in my mind to which comparing Burden Of A Day would be fair, and truly enough, at first glance they have everything a screamo outfit needs: menacing screams, melodic riffs and clean choruses. As such, there's little new to come for on "Blessed Be Our Ever After"; but that doesn't mean it is undone as a record, because what is there to discover and appreciate is an ability to combine tried and true elements of the genre, avoiding numerous obvious pitfalls and crafting instantly memorable songs in a superior manner belying the young age of this band.

Instrumentally, BOAD cover an area between both screamo, metalcore and melodicore, at one time reminding you of "They're Only Chasing Safety"-era UnderOATH, at the next making you think of As I Lay Dying, only to then launch a speedy assault of melodic riffage that wouldn't have been out of place on this year's Circus Circus album. Realising that a bad singer can kill a band, the lead vocalist is very rarely left to fend for himself when the time comes for a clean refrain, instead the band backs him with powerful gang-vocals, amplifying every harmonic hookline to anthemic levels. Thus, it's hardly going to take you more than one listen before lines of the like of "This is our labour! This is our labour of love for you! Love for you!" find a home in your memory, while surprising you with how positive they sound, compared to the usually very bitter and despairing mood bands of this genre represent. Like a testament to the band's beliefs, these choruses are like an uplifting gospel to listen to.

- And yes, there are breakdowns, plenty in fact to satisfy the mosh-hungry scenesters, but instead of attempting to become the heaviest band around, failing like so many others before them, Burden Of A Day keep their breakdowns sweet and simple, usually accompanied with some memorable lyricism, maintaining credibility rather than seeming like they're just throwing them in their to appease a trend. The variation between metallic and melodicore elements (like the sweet opening of "Sorry Seacrest It's Casey's Countdown") keeps the pace changing, and prevents any boredom coming from the otherwise clear fact, that on this record the band have found one thing they're good at and kept playing that strength throughout.

Summing things up, Burden Of A Day is a band I'd usually give a 7½, considering that they're good but far from original, however, due to just how well they manage to pull their songwriting and production off, I'm willing to go above the mark in this case. "Blessed Be Our Ever After" is a top quality screamo record, easily accessible and memorable for anyone who's even the least fond of the genre, and fans of more famous but less consistent acts (I'm looking at you The Devil Wears Prada), would be well advised to give these guys a chance. By the standards of this record, they deserve it.


Download: Sorry Seacrest It's Casey's Countdown, It's Lonely At The Top (Or So I've Heard), Battle For Hoth, Monsters Among Us
For The Fans Of: UnderOATH, Greeley Estates, Adept, The Bright Star Alliance
Listen: myspace.com/burdenofaday

Release Date 04.03.2008
Rise Records

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