Lazarus Bird

Written by: PP on 21/10/2008 22:07:01

And who was it again that called Burst metalcore? "Origo" was an album that certainly had bits and pieces borrowed from or influenced by the genre, but as a whole, it'd be factually incorrect to call it a metalcore release. It was simply too progressive, too modern, too varied, and too original to fit any of the breakdown-obsessed descriptions of the genre. And on "Lazarus Bird", the band's newest full length, another trippy modern metal journey awaits, one that distances the band once and for good from the metalcore genre, placing them into a category not easily described in words, because there are too many different angles and ideas in their music to pigeonhole the band into just one genre.

Tell you what. Imagine a slightly lighter version of Mastodon that isn't as interested in droning along at a steady pace as they are to abruptly interrupt your consciousness with pace changes, instrumental interludes and unexpected, monstrous buildups that explode into moments of tranquillity only seconds later. Sounds kinda psychedelic, eh? Well that's because it is. The band's vocalist variates between full blown scream-growling to whisperous clean vocal passages, and there are plenty of instrumental-only passages where we don't hear of him for quite a while. This is also one of the reasons why "Lazarus Bird" is such a dazzling album, as it sends the listener on a journey through their unique metallic alternative rock world that's unmatched by any of their contemporaries.

You see, what Burst are doing on "Lazarus Bird" is kind of similar to what Opeth have been doing for about a decade now, venturing on their own, inimitable path that's equally appealing to the masses as it is to the underground... well mostly the underground, but you get my point. Maybe that's why they're constantly landing opening spots to such acclaimed one-of-a-kind artists as Opeth, Mastodon and The Dillinger Escape Plan?


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Release date 22.09.2008

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