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Written by: TL on 15/10/2008 22:38:16

In the sonic area between bands like The Beatles, Kings Of Leon and Wolfmother exists a band called The Vines, and while they aren't talked about much these days, their breakthrough actually predates two of those other bands (see if you can guess which ones). Ever since their rise to fame on the back of debut album "Highly Evolved" and the massive single "Ride" off the following "Winning Days" album, The Vines have always sounded like a The Beatles being played in a rather smashed up garage-rock fashion, and as such, it comes as no surprise that that's exactly what they sound like on the new album "Melodia".

In case you are new to the music scene, you may think of the new Panic At The Disco record given a rocknroll kick in the ass, and still get the picture. Front figure and mastermind Craig Nicholls sings like the cockiest of bastards, sounding like he's both arrogant and tripping out at the same time, producing an end result that fans of especially British 90s music should appreciate. As for the instrumentation, the band kicks back and forth between noisy and rackety garage rock, and atmospheric indie, backed by a variety of classic string instruments here and there. Songs range from the straight forward rockers like "Get Out" and "He's A Rocker", over very trippy and Beatles-like "Orange Amber" to the 'epic' progression of "True As The Night".

At the hardest of moments, you should be thinking mainly of The Hives or Wolfmother as a comparison. At the softest, Beatles and even The Beach Boys are in play. A variety range and fusion that would be very interesting if it wasn't for the fact that this is the fourth album upon which The Vines have been milking it. They simply seem like one of those bands who quickly figured out what 'core' sound they wanted to have, and have since settled for cooking up more or less ambitious variations on it.

It's not that you can really blame them, after all their sound is kinda cool in its own right. However, given their stable course, it's no surprise that interest in the band has dropped steeply since their initial mainstream success to a point where most casual listeners don't even know the band's name. As a record, "Melodia" is an impeccable piece of craftsmanship with many interesting quirks and corners, but as yet another predictable The Vines record, it's really going to take more new thinking to excite many, rather than few.


Download: He's A Rocker, Braindead, True As The Night
For The Fans Of: The Hives, Kings Of Leon, Wolfmother, The White Stripes

Release Date 13.10.2008
Ivy League Records

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