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Songs To Scream At The Sun

Written by: PP on 08/10/2008 13:48:08

Mark my words, the world needs more honest, straightforward hardcore bands with a fuck you message to scene politics and stupid haircuts. That's where a band like Have Heart and their new record "Songs To Scream At The Sun" comes into picture, because their album is just that: honest, straightforward hardcore of the type that won't really be appreciated on its release but that will slowly evolve into an underground classic as years pass by.

Musically, Have Heart sounds quite a lot like Shai Hulud on their debut "A Profound Hatred Of Man" - angry, misanthropic, fierce and extremely dark hardcore, with plenty of mosh passages.. but know this - there aren't any useless breakdowns or any other bull crap. Have Heart are about keeping things simple and atmospheric, not about creating passages for the karate kids to swing their arms around in unison to. Check out "Reflections" for a good example of harmonious atmosphere, or "Bostons" for an example of their brutally honest hardcore. You'll find that the painstakingly slow passages give you cold chills, and when the punk rock riffs hit, you're ready to jump against any walls in your vicinity.

Because of the nature of the music on "Songs To Scream At The Sun", it won't appeal to large audiences. The sound's too underground - too 'special' if you will - for the general public, and as such it will end up being a record treasured by those who identify with the hardcore movement the way it was back in the day: straight edge, no bullshit, and all that stuff. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be looking back at "Songs To Scream At The Sun" the same way as we today look back at the Shai Hulud releases.


Download: Bostons, On The Bird In The Cage, Reflections
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Release date 08.07.2008
Bridge 9

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