I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes

Written by: PP on 04/10/2008 16:42:06

Ruiner is a band name I've seen popping up on diverse punk-related websites from time to time, so I figured it's time to give the guys a chance and check out what they sound like. Turns out that was a pretty good idea, because their compilation album of old, out-of-print splits and EPs called "I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes" is pretty damn close to being awesome melodic hardcore.

Imagine the furious, relentless hardcore of a band like This Is Hell, and inject it with just a tiny weeny bit more melody and a better, less monotonous vocalist. Then throw in some technical riffs and a blindingly fast speed for good measure. Shake it all up, and out comes Ruiner with a sound that's devoid of all scene politics and focuses on what it does best: breakneck speed hardcore with a couple of melodic references points for memorability. Only three songs pass the two minute mark, making the record an intense listen, as the band doesn't have any slow bullcrap or stupid ballads ruining the shit. That makes for a short album - only 23 minutes - but it's just the right length for music as intense as this, it'd sound way too lengthy if it was double the minutes, and you'd be devastated by the end of the album.

Anyway, so if you like bands like A Wilhelm Scream and This Is Hell, Ruiner is a fine middle point between the two. There isn't too much melody, but it isn't just senseless pounding away either. There's a sense of cohesion and structure to all songs, and because they're played so tightly together, you're left with a good impression of the record once "The Lives We Fear" closes the record. Check out "Out Go The Candles", "Once Loved" and "Adhering To Superstition" for the highlights, and see if you can recognize some of the same hardcore as in Shai Hulud in the latter.

Download: Out Go The Candles, Once Loved
For the fans of: This Is Hell, Sinking Ships, A Wilhelm Scream, Shai Hulud
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Release date 27.09.2008
Bridge 9

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