Just Say Yes

Written by: PP on 04/10/2008 16:27:59

After over a hundred thousand albums sold worldwide, emotional pop punkers Punchline departed from Fueled By Ramen after, according to many, a disappoint release that lacked the energy and feeling of their earlier work. I'm not too familiar with their earlier stuff, but the stuff that I heard from their Fueled By Ramen era wasn't very good. But then they won a $25,000 grand prize from a competition at Heavy.com, and used it all to record "Just Say Yes", the band's fourth full length album and a return to form in many ways.

With a pinch of early Armor For Sleep in their sound, Punchline deliver singalongable pop punk with rich riffs and catchy choruses nicely. The band's vocalist has just the right amount of angst in his voice to make him stand out from the masses of pop punk vocalists, and it of course helps to have awesome choruses like in "Ghostie" or the All Time Low-ish "The Hit", where especially the latter showcases his vocal talent well.

It's not all just pop punk though. "Punish Or Privilege" leans more towards the emotional rock style of bands like TheAudition or Halifax and "Maybe I'm Wrong" is more of a ballad with touching lyrics about never falling for anyone again. But where the band truly shines is in the ultra poppy piano-pop of "Somewhere In The Dark", which makes Brandtson sound dark. It's a shame there isn't much more of this on the record, because the sound's so brisk and refreshing to listen to, and takes thoughts away from the rainy Danish autumn. The title track offers a similar lighthearted sound, but it's much more experimental, and then it's back to the high-school pop punk with killer hooks and melodic riffs everywhere with "How Does This Happen?". But even here, the band's bouncy rhythms distinguish them from the endless sea of pop punk bands, placing them slightly ahead of the curve, so to say.

For what it's worth, "Just Say Yes" is really good in places, and only occasionally trips on small rocks. It's pop punk with a unique twist that's undeniably Punchline, but it's still something all Houston Calls, Brandtson, Hellogoodbye and Forgive Durden fans will find a connection with. Good stuff.

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Release date 16.09.2008
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