Bring It On

Written by: ASH on 08/11/2005 14:02:16

Now this is something more like it. Laruso sets sail and ventures out into the stormy music-oceans with their debut album "Bring It On", which actually has a hang to it. But let's leave this for later on. Described as an imagination of Alice In Chains, Incubus and Faith No More fucking Helmet, Sevendust and Glassjaw, Laruso is an interesting mixture of riffs, effects and acoustic guitar sessions. A well mixed cocktail, but we?ve flushed such a sucker down the system a few times now.

Mentioned earlier, it's not hard to hear that Laruso has released a debut album. Experimenting with a broad arrange of styles, the band tries to grasp as many different angles in rock, maybe to find out what their final style will become.

Good idea, no doubt about that. Songs such as "Bring It On", gives the listener a good introduction to Laruso's way of composing their music. It?s energetic, medium-fast and with a good riff show-off. Jason actually sounds quite a bit like Offspring's Dexter Holland in the last part of the intro. The song keeps its catchy pace and hits the ground hard with an exploding fade-out. Who said Hollywood effects?

Another track worth mentioning is the song "Sorry Now". Filled with emotionally vocals, emotionally back-up vocals and of course, acoustic guitars. Laruso really finds their style here, in my opinion. Not that they should go all emo, but it?s good to give listeners something different than banging riff-killing all the time. But Laruso makes a sad decision in the next track "Follow". Trying to create some kind of bridge from "Sorry Now" to "Follow", Laruso has to watch it fall apart. But then again, it's a debut album and front-man Jason, jaw-breaking guitarists Darren and Carl, bassist Simon and can-basher Max still has to find their way.

"Bring It On" doubtlessly resides in the better parts of debuteers and maybe we'll catch the band doing a big gig someday. Laruso gets the classic good-luck-with-the-career pat on the back from me.


Download: Under, Nothing Left
For the fans of: Incubus, Fightstar

Release date 23.05.2005
Casket Music

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