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The Glass Passenger

Written by: TL on 29/09/2008 12:45:48

If you're following the American rock scene at all, you're likely to remember how the popular pop-rock band Something Corporate went on hiatus, even after captivating the masses with their classic ballad "Konstatine". Singer Andrew McMahon formed his own project soon afterwards though, and under the name Jack's Mannequin, he kept bringing sentimental piano-driven rock songs to the mainstream with the first album "Everything In Transit". Now it took him a while, having to beat cancer in the mean time, before he could get ready to bring us the sophomore album "The Glass Passenger", but it's here now, and so is this review of it.

Basically, Andrew sticks to what he knows best, composing powerful and catchy emotional songs, driving by his piano melodies that are as bright and sunny as his resident state California. Remember that chick Vanessa Carlton and her "A Thousand Miles" single that plagued the radio some years back? Basically Andrew plays the same keys and moods in different variations throughout "The Glass Passenger", while sometimes paying some homage to his punk rock past. Lyrically, it's also no surprise to find titles like "The Resolution" and "Swim" circling around a theme of survival, considering how facing terminal illness must have had an impact on his thoughts. All in all this is what you'd expect from Jack's Mannequin, and it's what you get, professionally performed and packaged, nothing less, nothing more.

Generally, the album is very consistent and homogeneous in its quality, though I could mention tracks like "Swim", "Annie Use Your Telescope" and "Suicide Blonde" as instantly memorable offerings. Personally, "Hammers And Strings (A Lullaby)" is my favourite at the moment, portraying some of the same sentimentality and nostalgia that "Konstantine" did back in the day.

Overall, there's nothing much to say about "The Glass Passenger". It does little to revolutionize the bands image or soundscape, but it doesn't bore you or sound tired either, so in the end it's just another batch of good songs, ripe for the fans of this kind of thing. So if you were one for the last album, don't hesitate to get this as well, and if you aren't, you should still check it out if you like stuff like The Rocket Summer or Relient K.


Download: Hammers And Strings (A Lullaby), The Resolution, Swim
For The Fans Of: Something Corporate, The Rocket Summer, Relient K
Listen: myspace.com/jacksmannequin

Release Date 30.09.2008
Sire Records

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