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Written by: PP on 27/09/2008 18:32:29

Randy Piper is a largely unknown figure for me despite his CV containing a guitar player slot in the well respected W.A.S.P (are they really relevant anymore anyway?), so don't expect any comparisons to his past material. All I know is that this is a 50-something year old dude rocking out like the 80s never ended, or at least so I'm led to believe on the first couple of tracks on "Virus". Here groovy riffing and a nice rock n roll attitude lead the songs in giving you an ass-kicking in the vein of Motörhead and others, before it all collapses into generic power metal on "Crying Eagle".

The tight guitar sound is replaced with a monumentally loose one - I suppose you could refer to it as epic - which is the exact sound that's found on 99.9% of all power metal albums. In other words, what started off as an interesting rock and roll effort suddenly leaves the dirty practice room flying out of it like an eagle in the blue skies. The problem is that we've heard this on a million billion albums before, and it has increasingly become the main frustration for album reviewers. How do you describe something that sounds precisely like everything else? I'll tell you how: it's fucking boring.

There's an interesting interpretation/cover of The Cranberries' classic song "Zombie" towards the end of the record, but truth be told, you'll never make it that far on the record. After one generic power metal song after another, most listeners will have switched to another CD before reaching it on track 8. Shame, cause it's one of the highlights on an album which is largely boring after a solid start.


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Release date 26.09.2008
Locomotive Records

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