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The Lost Broken Bones

Written by: PP on 26/09/2008 11:01:45

You'd imagine Israel to have more than their fair share of punk bands considering the political climate out there. That might actually also be the case, but we just never hear about them, other than their supposedly best punk band Useless ID, of course, who have been releasing EPs and albums since 1995. It's been four long years since the release of their previous album, but now their sixth full length "The Lost Broken Bones" is looming only weeks ahead for a worldwide release.

The starting point for Useless ID's music is medium pace melodic punk rock in the vein of No Use For A Name and Millencolin. Especially their vocalist sounds like the midpoint between those two bands, as he clean sings his way through 12 songs of awesome chorus harmonies. Maybe calling it a starting point isn't entirely correct, as the band rarely deviates from the said formula, but really, they don't even have to. They write that melodic verse/chorus/verse punk rock meets mainstream rock sound well so consistently that there'd be no point in expanding the envelope. Think of these guys as yet another household name like NUFAN, who rarely change through the course of their career, still managing to please their fanbase album after album. There aren't any surprises in the box, just melodic hooks, catchy choruses and an overall enjoyable, relaxed sound.

On some level though, this being my first 'proper' Useless ID release, I'm left wondering that wouldn't some raw aggression / more pointy lyricism make this a much better album, considering the background these guys come from? But I suppose when your country has been at war for virtually 40 years now, you wanna sing about something else instead. As such, I'll leave it at that and rate Useless ID's newest record as good, melodic punk rock for all fans of NUFAN / Millencolin, but don't expect to jump into a masterpiece or anything.


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For the fans of: No Use For A Name, Millencolin, Uncommonmenfrommars
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Release date 18.10.2008
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