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Psychical Analysis

Written by: EW on 25/09/2008 23:51:30

I intend to keep this review short and sweet, for Terminal Sick's "Psychical Analysis" (demo version) is just 20 minutes long and through taking no pleasure in shitting on the creative efforts of a young band I don't want it to prolong the pain. Hailing from Italy, where the only recognizable 'scene' is that of Lacuna Coil-style gothic metal, TS have therefore decided that a crude attempt at nu-metal was the way to go and need I clarify how dated the sound is. Opener "Warrior" starts promisingly for about 15 seconds with tribal style drumming and "300"-esque chanting arousing my ears before we descend into Slipknot/Disturbed/Ill Niño nu-metal never to return - take note of the extraordinary similarity between vocalist Ram and a certain Corey Taylor. Dodgy production (it is only a demo so it's expected) proceeds to neglect their self-titled song from harnessing any power with a guitar sound so toothless I'd like to introduce guitarist Davide to the Tap's Nigel Tufnell's tactic of turning everything up to 11. Now he's a man who knows how its done.

"Crazy" stands out solely for containing some terrible tuneless clean vocals and nothing else whilst the less said about "Terminal Sick (rmx)" the better - let's say it makes the original sound great. I'd like to say that with a refinement of their style Terminal Sick could go places, but they won't, for all the elements that made nu-metal so bad in the first place are here. Apparently the band's saying is "fuck the life before fuck you!". Given how offended I am, lets end positively: it's not the lowest mark I could award.

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Release date 01.05.2008
Copro Records

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