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Written by: TL on 22/09/2008 12:00:36

Disco Ensemble is a band whose live performance I've been eagerly recommending to anyone who's cared to listen ever since I caught them twice during my early gigging-career, seeing how I only really got into them after seeing them play, despite having listened to their music prior to the experience. It seems that these Finnish dudes have to be seen to be really heard, and that observation seems just as valid after listening to their new record "Magic Recoveries".

Starting out with a fast paced title track, Disco Ensemble embolden the word "Disco" by commanding your feet to move to the sound of the sparkling riffs, which is a characteristic that's dominating from then on and to the end of the record, variated with different synth effects and tempos, while always relying on vocalist Mikko's slightly angry rock'n'roll singing and lyricism. Okay, so the lyrics aren't exactly MENSA material in all places, but lines like "The girls are screaming loud / they call it a conversation" still make sure that a song like "Worst Night Out" makes a lasting impression, despite the fact that it's a rare example of a Disco Ensemble song without a clearly danceable beat.

In the long run, it's beyond clear that the band just keeps milking the same cow as always, relying on staccato riffage, conventional songwriting and quiet/loud dynamics to electrify the listener and ignite their live audiences, and in the end, "Magic Recoveries" ends up as the perfect example of an album where you can easily argue that there's next to no progression, but it's a pointless endeavor, seeing as the band's trusted formula doesn't quite seem tired yet. The record might be a bit too one-dimensional to stay interesting for an end to end spin, but in terms of adding more good songs to a live setlist, it's a sure shot success, and to Disco Ensemble and their fans, I'm sure that's really all that counts. Personally, I can't wait to see them again.


Download: We Can Stop Whenever We Like, Worst Night Out, Threat Letter Typewriter, Beacon
For The Fans Of: Veto, The Sounds, Enter Shikari
Listen: myspace.com/discoensemble

Release Date 24.06.2008
Universal Int'l Records

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