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Pedal To The Metal

Written by: PP on 19/09/2008 15:56:07

You'd imagine Blessed By A Broken Heart to be an unfathomably terrible emo band based on their name alone, but it isn't possible to draw more than just a few thin parallels to emo-ish metalcore bands on the first couple of songs on their album "Pedal To The Medal". As the title of their album already suggests, BBABH are a tongue-in-cheek band ridiculing all sorts of genres (at least I hope so), and if I were to coin a new genre for them, it'd be something like 80sdiscopopmetalhairpunkcore, joining together 80s pop songs and disco beats, punk rock speeds, hair metal influences, metalcore passages and trance elements as a cherry on top of the pie.

The band has two vocalists, one of which possesses an incredibly cheezy 80s pop-music style singing voice (think Dragonforce here), and the other one being a polished screamer whose parts should make you crack up, if you aren't laughing already over the ridiculousness of the rest of the band's music. How can you take a band seriously that throws 80s pop music keyboards together, and in the next moment jumps into a screamed breakdown, and then sings "keep your bodies moving to the rhythm of the beat wooo-oooh move your body move move your body, school's out it's time to party"?

The answer is you can't. It's safe to say you haven't heard anything like Blessed By A Broken Heart ever before, but once the novelty wears off, you're left with a joke band that you'll play for your friends to get a couple of cheap laughs together. If that was the purpose for the band all along, then who am I to criticize for a mission well accomplished? But if they are a serious band, which is a thought that occasionally creeps into mind because of the way songs like "She Wolf" are constructed, then they might wanna consider another career...unless you're deeply tied into the 'scene', in which case you'll love these guys to bits because of the way they make fun of the scene throughout the album. But maybe, just MAYBE, I just don't have a good enough sense of humor to enjoy these guys properly.


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For the fans of: Dragonforce, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon
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Release date 18.08.2008
Century Media

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