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Written by: AB on 16/09/2008 22:27:27

Italy's Black Flame has just released their 5th album, "Imperivm", treating us to a little more than half an hour's worth of polished blackened death metal. Black Flame's not a band I'm acquainted with, even though they've been around since 1999 and, with "Imperivm", released 5 full length albums and an EP since 2002. A rather productive bunch huh?

Black Flame plays mid tempo blackened death metal. Black/death is usually a sub genre I enjoy a lot - be it the wicked, schizophrenic dark sounds of Akercocke, the frenzied brutality in Angelcorpse and Belphegor's attacks on Christianity, the militant war-metal of Spearhead, the crunchingly heavy blasphemy of Incantation, the old school thrashy rawness of Sarcófaco and early Sepultura and so on and so forth - but Black Flame doesn't really do it for me on "Imperivm". We get mid tempo/fast death metal with a little black metal inspired riffing, pounding and monotone drums, the "hey let's try to be evil and combine black and death vocals" type of growl that's both boring and generic. No real tempo change or rhythm shifts, almost no solos or hooks, nothing except straight up heavy black/death metal.

Which is not bad, as such. It just isn't that good. Actually, some of the songs are pretty good, but that awful vocal destroys most of what they've got going for them - which is that nice sludgy, heavy and savage death metal feeling. Oh and the production is good too (except - again - the vocals). It is not that all death metal has to be progressive or re-invent the genre, but this is simply too generic.

Download: The Other Face Of Hell, Black Sun Theory
For the fans of: Incantation, Goatwhore
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Release date 23.06.08
Regain Records

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