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The Will to Power

Written by: KS on 01/11/2005 13:55:44

Face Down has roots dating all the way back to 1993, but since 1999 where vocalist Marco Aro left Face Down for The Haunted, the band has been dead. But in 2004 Joakim Hedestedt (bass) heard about Marco Aro parting from The Haunted and started making phone calls to former band members and getting quite positive responses. A friend of Joakim was brought in as a drummer and in July 2005 they started the recording of their third album, their comeback album ? ?The Will to Power?

Already on the first track, this takes on a very bitter approach to the human race as the first words on the record is ?there is no god? and from there it goes on to talk about human materialism and how the whole human race has become wretched.

As I was reviewing this album, I had it on my mp3 player and I must say it?s just awesome for strolling around town, looking at people and hating everyone. This is very intense bitterness built up for a long time and now exploding right in your ears.

On some songs though, I would have liked the vocals to be mixed a bit higher, since it?s pretty low. On other tracks the blend of screaming guitars, with the drums pounding, the bass giving depth and brutal screaming by Marco Aro is excellent, so it?s a minor thing.

A very good comeback performance from a band wanting to put Stockholm back on the metal map!


Download: The Will to Power, Heretic
For the fans of: Machine Head, As We Fight

Release date 4.11.2005
Black Lodge Records
Provided by Target ApS

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