Chronicles Of The Dead

Written by: PP on 13/09/2008 22:05:28

Folk metal fans, ahoy! Falchion, the band featuring the two Korpiklaani members Juho Kauppinen and Matti Johansson, is back with a new album called "Chronicles Of The Dead", showcasing the typically Finnish love for all things brutal and melodic, preferably at the same time (Children Of Bodom anyone?). Add to the sound a distinct folk base derived from traditional Scandinavian / Nordic music, and you'll bet your ass you've got one awesome metal package served before you.

For throughout the album, one can't but stand in awe-inspiration over the ultra-melodic, yet intricate and complicated twin-guitar fretwork by the Kauppinen / Tulimäki combo. The solos are made out of pure awesomeness, borrowing from the Gothenburg metal sound, while the riffing begs you to swing your beer glass around like a maniac, or dance around in your traditional Finnish outfit, or better yet, both at the same time. Singing along to some pagan tunes won't hurt, either.

Multi-talent Kauppinen also handles the vocals, which function almost as an instrument themselves. They consist of friendly growls that are easy to make friends with, similar to those that Mikael Stanne posesses in a much bigger melodeath act, Dark Tranquillity.

You're still reading this review and haven't picked up this release already? I'm not convincing enough? Well, a quick listen on Myspace should finalize my attack on your wallet, because "Chronicles Of The Dead" is one of the better folk metal albums out there. Don't miss it.


Download: Chronicles Of The Dead, Shadows In The Wasteland
For the fans of: Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodom, Månegarm, Korpiklaani
Listen: Myspace

Release date 12.09.2008
Massacre Records

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