Scars On Broadway

Scars On Broadway

Written by: MR on 01/09/2008 00:23:01

With System of down on a break after their groundbreaking and breathtaking "Mezmerize/Hypnotize" success, the members have concentrated on different side projects, Scars on Broadway being the one of Darian Malakian and John Dolomiyan. Now I have heard frontman Serj Tankian's "Empty Walls" and was puzzled. Why did Serj want to write another album so similar to "Mezmerize/Hypnotize", by himself? Basically it was still the sound of the band, but without all its members. Well, that being said, I listened to Scars on Broadway, and sadly the same thing happened. On the first seven tracks the sound is so similar to the SOAD sound, that at one point I totally lost track of that I actually wasn't listening to SOAD.

I must give credit though to Darian Malakian for being a terrific songwriter and composer. The lyrics are still focused on political and self destructive matters: "lets clap our hands / for the president / and Jesus Christ / And did I mention Charles Manson and everybody else who was nice". I must admit that lines like that just make me smile. In SOAD the lyrics were so harsh, that they could potentially scare off the more casual listeners, but with Scars On Broadway, Malakian has reached a more intellectual and insightful depth.

The Album, at least for my part, comes alive around the song "Babylon". The songs are a bit different and more fresh, especially my favourite song on the record, "Enemy". The last part of the album is more distinguished from the SOAD albums, it is more clean cut, not that brutal and some might even say more pop than his earlier work. Some might like it and some might not. If you love SOAD you will like this album too; it might not be epic, but it's got some great tunes. I'm not sure, however, that Scars On Broadway will conquer new territories here, although they are trying with more clean cut songs. Maybe it's time for the whole bunch (especially Serj and Daron) to realize that they are best with each other, and that they basically want the same thing in music.


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Release date 28.07.2008

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