A Different Kind Of Pain

Written by: ASH on 26/10/2005 23:53:51

Cold is at it again and with their new release "A Different Kind Of Pain". The band managed to survive the past internal strife and Ward's sister fighting against cancer. This led to a whole new line-up consisting of Scooter Ward, Sam McCandless, guitarists Matt Loughran and Mike Booth, and bassist Jeremy Marshall. If we look back on "In The Year Of The Spider", Cold moved more and more away from the Limp Bizkit model they followed in the past, thus giving the band a more 'moodier' sound. It's a good choice, but Cold seems to forget about innovation.

Let's take the downside first and then get to the good part: Comparing "Another Pill" from the new album and "Cure My Tragedy" from their Spider album, the only differentiating point is the little alteration in the riffs, rhytm and the lyrics. As is shown by the intro of both songs being far too similar. With "A Different Kind Of Pain", Cold show as good quality as with their former album, but they lack creativity.

But hold on... The first track on the album, "Back Home", has a very interesting intro-part, which curiously enough reminds one of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" for about the first eight seconds, then crashes down into Cold's patented way of riff-raffing. Heavy, slow riffs and then the obligatory "all fades out when Ward sings", to yet another crashdown. Up and down, up and out. It's a pattern which Cold seem to like alot. Other songs like "Feel It In Your Heart", "Anatomy Of A Tidal Wave" and "When Angels Fly Away" also seem to follow the same pattern.

However, this isn't a downside at all. Only afew bands tend to create albums, which are entirely original when it comes to the content of their tracks. The title song "A Different Kind Of Pain" separates itself from the other tracks on the first listen. It gives the audience a more melodic, perhaps even an art-rockish sound due to it's very deeply emotional vocals, compared with the album's other tracks. Ward's way of creating lyrics really suits Cold's musical style well.

To sum everything up, Cold has produced a good album, but there's nothing more to it. Ward and co. unfortunately lack inspiration in their way of making new music on this one, and in my opinion, "In The Years Of The Spider" still reigns over Cold's newest release.


Download:Happens All The Time, Back Home
For the fans of: Jane's Addiction, Metallica

Release date 30.08.2005
Lava Records

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