Mirror Faced Mentality

Written by: PP on 27/08/2008 12:12:39

Earlier this year I reviewed Raunchy's new album, certain that it would be the best Danish album this year, given that The Psyke Project wasn't planning on releasing a new album anytime soon. It seems I spoke a little bit too early, because Scamp have arrived seemingly out of nowhere with their explosive debut album "Mirror Faced Mentality", which definitely gives Raunchy a run for their money.

It's been long since I've heard a Danish band capable of exhibiting such intricate sonic chaos as Scamp during the 50 minutes of their record. Starting with freakishly heavy, haunted introduction in "Dilemma", the sound is quickly broken down by their technical, unconventional drumming for a moment, before the manic vocalist starts screaming and yelling his lungs out. He bears striking resemblance to Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) at his most chaos-laden moments, utilizing rhythm and pace changes in his brutally penetrating voice. These fit well into the perplexing instrumentals, which are positioned somewhere between the twisted repetitiveness of Meshuggah and the complex math metal of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan. Unconventional time signatures are audible everywhere, with the album shifting from stupendous breakdown passages into atmospheric melodic ones smoothly, and before you realize, cleanly sung choruses and catchy hooks become the focus of your attention in the very song.

For the entire duration of the album, the band is pounding and pounding away, often at relentless speeds, refusing the let go of the listener. When you aren't singing along to choruses like the one in "Soul Alone", you are sure to be headbanging during metallic riffs or opening up the mosh pit during the many ridiculously heavy breakdowns.

The riffs in general are of international quality, challenging your intellect every second with their extremely complicated nature. What's even more impressive is how well Tue Madsen & Ziggy have captured the intensiveness of Scamp's sound on record. This is a bold statement to make, but "Mirror Faced Mentality" is easily the tightest metal album of 2008, sure to turn heads even on first listen. It's as if the record grabs the listener by the ears from the beginning, intriguing him with the explosive, chaotic sound that's somehow magically compressed to fit into a space many times smaller than it should. Basically, "Mirror Faced Mentality" is the sonic equivalent of trying to stuff an apple inside a hollow dice - a vast object that's crammed inside an impossibly small space successfully - it's hard to understand how or why it works, but Scamp's demonstration is convincing.

Download: Familiar Word, Dilemma, Pros And Cons
For the fans of: Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Fear Factory
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Release date 25.08.2008
Scarlet Records

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