I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon EP

Written by: PP on 14/08/2008 00:19:48

After Derrick's death and the necessary mourning period in the form of their darkest album yet, "Resolve", it seems that Lagwagon is back to funny business with the hilariously titled "My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon" seven track EP, poking fun at the band's fan base, the majority of who were in high school & college back when the band was at its biggest during the mid 90s. This, we remember, was the period when Lagwagon released some of punk rock's most cherished albums: "Duh", "Trashed", "Hoss", and "Let's Talk About Feelings". While the darker side to Lagwagon on "Resolve" was great to experience, it's impossible to deny the superiority of the sunshine-filled punk rock of their previous albums, and therefore "I Think My Older Brother..." is welcomed with open arms by this writer.

As the EP opens with a self-ridiculing track "B Side", it sounds like Lagwagon's back to their mid 90s sound. The song contains some of guitar combo Flippin/Rest's brightest playing in a long time, and Joey's voice is back to its darkly melodic self. Although the intro contains slight guitar experimentation (on Lagwagon scale, duh), the track still largely adheres to the core Lagwagon sound, with fast melodies, power chords and good choruses.

"No Little Pill" sees the guitarists and Joey briefly return to "Resolve"'s darker sound, but it suits the song well, and especially the "think about it think about it" chorus is not easily forgotten. Expect to be humming it on and off after hearing it just once. "Memoirs And Landmines" is the opposite, belonging to the brighter end of their repertoire - the typically NOFX-styled bass-line should get most punk enthusiasts in gear.

"Errands" is the fastest track on the album, underlining the band's roots in skate punk and showcasing their ability to shove an infectious chorus on top of the format. The next track, "Fallen", is as typically Lagwagon as it gets, so it should pass down fan throats well, despite it's brief surf rock interludes (they actually make the song a funner listen!).

The only weak track on the EP is "Live It Down", even though it contains Lagwagon's trademark quiet intro build up to bombastic punk guitars and Joey's heartfelt cry. Even so, the song isn't terrible and not something you would object to listening to, and once the EP finishes with the under two minute, relaxed "Mission Unaccomplished", you can't help but feeling generally satisfied over the new Lagwagon material (though I'm desperately torn between the 8 and 8½ grade here). Yes, they're still writing the same song as they were in early to mid 90s with little variation, but that's also the beauty of bands like Lagwagon: when they've recognized their strength, they see no reason to deviate from it.


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Release date 19.08.2008
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