A Place Called Here

A Place Called Here (demo)

Written by: PP on 12/08/2008 16:48:48

First and foremost I've gotta say how thoroughly impressed I am with Copenhagen, Denmark's newest screamo outfit A Place Called Here, and release a pretty bold statement and say that these two demos of songs are among the best - if not the best - screamo tracks to have come out of this country since a small but vivid scene began flourishing. Since there are only two tracks this review will be short, briefly taking a look at both tracks.

The first thing to notice about both songs is the similar production technique (or lack of) to fellow country colleagues Trusted Few and As We Fight; the raw, unmastered, shattering heavy guitars and vocals that sound like they were recorded live in one go. Again I must note that I'm not the biggest fan of this style production for screamo bands, because it takes away so much of the melody that can be best achieved with a smooth, perfected landscape.

"Rise Above The Streetlights" is a fast, metallic screamo track relying on complex guitar harmony backed up by solid rhythm guitar riffing. Vocalist Jesse's clean vocals sound good, matching the guitar melody and pace nicely in the start of the song, and he makes the switch to screaming sound effortless when the time comes. The twin guitar delivery works wonders here, with tight rhythm section providing a racing riff while the lead guitar adds lots of melody to the song. I'm liking this already, although the chorus COULD be a little catchier.

"The Dawn Of The White Whore", however, is an instant metalcore/screamo classic (in the Danish scale, at least). First off, the oscillating riffs in the start are incredible, drawing parallels to the best and heaviest moments by The Chariot, and when the screams return in a piercing, almost growled manner, I can't help but fall in love with this song. They contrast the upcoming clean vocals brilliantly, resulting in a sound that should make any metalcore/hardcore/screamo fan's lips drool and eyes go "ME WANT". A little over half way into the song, both guitars enter a slightly softer and smoother mode that I was advocating earlier in the review, and just fucking listen to that result. The complex scale ran by the guitar is so good it could be on any internationally acclaimed screamo album, and if the band is able to write more of these in the future, I see huge things coming their way.

What we have to keep in mind here is that these are just demos, and they are already this good. When the first demos are this good, how good will the songs be once they've had time to perfect them? Danish screamo fans look this way, a serious challenger has appeared for Trusted Few and Knife Of Liberty!


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Release date 19.05.2008

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