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The Greatest Of All The Lost Arts

Written by: TL on 08/08/2008 23:07:28

For some reason, the name of Lower Definition\'s debut full length \"The Greatest Of All The Lost Arts\" (which is honesty, if my memory serves), was enough to get me stoked as soon as I saw it. By now I must admit that my feelings are a bit more ambivalent than my initial excitement, but still, this is a good CD for anyone who\'s down with Circa Survive or the recent Emarosa album.

You see the sound of Lower Definition aligns itself very closely along to those bands. If you imagine Emarosa with a slightly more mundane singer you\'re more or less there, the only remaining difference being that Lower Definition is a band that, instead of being super melodic and artistic in expression, rather lets loose a little bit more, breaking things down a little heavier and more rugged, and generally also imbuing their songs with more bitter attitude than bleeding passion.

That\'s all well and good, but I have to admit that in the slipstream of superb releases by Emarosa and akissforjersey I\'m having trouble making friends with Lower Definitions songs. The only track standing out in my eyes is \"Pueblo Cicada\", and you can discuss whether it\'s a good thing or not, that the strength of identity comes from the contribution of none other than Emarosa\'s Jonny Craig towards the end of the song. It\'s painstakingly obvious that he vocally is in possession of talents far superior to those of Lower Definition\'s own Matt Geise, and in all honesty, that really breaks this album for me.

Still, if you would\'ve liked added breakdowns and roaring in your daily dose of Circa Survive or Emarosa, Lower Definition is still a band you should definitely treat your ears to, as they do have their moments here and there. \"The Greatest Of All The Lost Arts\" showcases a good level of musicianship and talent, without blowing your mind or reinventing the wheel. Fine for now, but not exactly an instant classic.


Download: Pueblo Cicada, To Satellite, The Choreographer
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance
Listen: myspace.com/lowerdefinition

Release date 07.07.2008
Ferret Records

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