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Canadian Revølver is fronted by former Slik Toxik frontman Nick Walsh, who then recieved a Juno award for "Hard Rock Album of the Year". "Turbulence" is the bands debut, and it really seems like they try to define their own genre - or sub-genre - but they don't seem to succeed entirely. The band has three guitarists, but they don't make much use of that. Most of the tracks are alike, with one relatively simple/hard guitar riff all the way through the song. This is only interrupted by minor variations during the chorus and bridges. On top of that fairly melodic guitar solos are riddled all over the album, none of which are very impressive, but they certainly fit in nonetheless. The drum and bass don't really stand out in any way, they're just there!

The general sound is very similar to some of the old 80's rock bands. Especially Guns'N'Roses comes to mind when listening to Revølver. Also to be found are obvious traces of Aerosmith, which is also stated as one of Nick Walsh's major influences on the bands official website. The album is also very grunge inspired. If I didn't know better my first impression would be to say that this was an album by Alice In Chains, since the first single from the album, which is also the opener and title track; "Turbulence", sounds almost exactly like Alice In Chains. Nick Walsh's voice also sounds a lot like the late Layne Staley's.

Second and upcoming single is called "Blue Sky", and it's one of the slower and softer songs on the album. An acoustic guitar creates the main riff through the song. Again, the song isn't really anything new, and that is the general feel of the album. Many of the songs sound alike, and they all sound like something you've heard before somewhere else.

Revølver sound like a chronologically misplaced band. Not that I dislike the idea of bringing back this genre, but when it's been done before almost to the note, there's really no point in doing it at all. But to not bash the band entirely, I must say the album is solid, not falling below average on any songs. What they do, they do good.


Download: Turbulence, Juggernaut

For the fans of: Guns'n'Roses, Aerosmith, Alice In Chains

Release date 24.10.2005

Sextant Records

Provided by Target ApS

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