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Diminishing Between Worlds

Written by: AB on 28/07/2008 00:56:37

Yay! I finally got my dirty mitts on Californian underground death metal infantrymen Decrepit Birth\'s sophomore album, \"Diminishing Between Worlds\"! Their first album, 2003\'s \"...And Time Begins\" presented us with mind- and ear-shattering guttural brutal death metal in the vein of fellow Californians Disgorge and Devourment, though Decrepit Birth operates with quite different lyrical themes than gore and violence, the \'normal\' favourite brutal death metal subject. Lyrically, Decrepit Birth works with highly philosophical topics, and even though gore occupies a special part in my heart, it is a rather nice change.

However, \"Diminishing Between World\" shows a rather big change in music style. This, the newest offering, is much more technical, melodic and, yes, progressive, than their earlier material, and shows an advancement from the more straight forward all-conquering, take-no-prisoners style of death metal. Mind you, Decrepit Birth still plays death metal with deep growls, blasting drums and killer riffs, and will probably scare your grandmother to death, eat your baby and steal your wallet, if they so fancy! (actually they are a bunch of rather nice guys... They won\'t nick your wallet!)

Axe wielder extraordinaire and Decrepit Birth\'s musical mastermind, Matt Sotelo, is a declared die-hard fan of Death, and it certainly shows on \"Diminishing Between Worlds\"! All songs are packed with solos, both soft and melodic, as well as über-fast, technical and crunching. The guitar intros are often slow and and almost dreamy, before picking up speed and intensity. The guitar work is very much in the centre of attention here, and that is a good thing when the musical and technical skill of said guitar is employed in so high a level as here. Sotelo handles both bass, rhythm as well as lead chainsaw, and his skills are certainly awe-inspiring!

Even though the guitar is the main element in Decrepit Birth, it doesn\'t mean the other instruments are neglected... Even though drum monster Tim Yeung (of both Nile, Hate Eternal and Vital Remains fame!) only contributed on \"...And Time Begins\", the new drummer, the talented KC Howard (also of fellow Californian technical/progressive death metallers Odious Mortem), is by no means is a step down. His play style fits perfectly with the new direction Decrepit Birth has taken, being both extremely technical as well as fast and blasting.

Although Dimishing Between Worlds is both complex and technical with many changes in tempo and rhythm, it is still memorable, as the melodies and songs still are catchy enough to grab one\'s attention. This is modern Cynic or Death with a bit more punch, but I will recommend this to every metalhead who likes something a bit more interesting than your ordinary brutal metal (though brutal metal is sweet!). This is excellent!

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Release date 29.01.2008
Unique Leader Records

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