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After "Illusion Of Safety", Thrice released a much less guitar driven album "The Artist In The Ambulance", and "Vheissu" is a logical continuation of the same trend. The blistering guitar riffs and hardcore vocals have been replaced by larger than life melodies, complex, somewhat progressive song structures, relying on long term magnificence instead of short-term captivation - something which "Illusion Of Safety" so greatly highlighted.

On "Vheissu", Thrice is experimenting with a synth, ranging from the piano-like introductions of "For Miles" and "Like Moths To Flame", through the more electric beginnings of "Atlantic" and "Between The End And Where We Lie", to the Nightwish-sounding "Music Box" in order to add an element of uncertainty on what's coming next.

Despite this uncertainty, all tracks except for the first single "Image Of The Invisible", and the odd hardcore piece "Hold Fast Hope", follow a vastly similar structure; slow, quiet starts, progressively harder vocals and instruments leading into the final eruption of screamed out vocals, something which is best demonstrated on "The Earth Will Shake". "Like Moths To Flame", other than being the best song on the album, is another perfect example of the prior structure with a piano introduction, slow, painful vocals over repetetive, but effective guitar riffs, finally breaking down into the vocal massacre of the last minute or so.

"Vheissu" offers the listener a completely different Thrice than what we're used to. The songs are a lot more thought out and more carefully arranged, and consequently it's not easy to become good friends with it. Where "Illusion Of Safety" was guitar driven, and "The Artist In The Ambulance" was melodic and accessible, "Vheissu" is more complex, progressive and less accessible and thus provides a greater challange to the listener. Nevertheless, Thrice will never create an album beating "Illusion Of Safety" in my books, but "Vheissu" comes damn close to doing so.


Download: The Earth Will Shake, Like Moths To Flame
For the fans of: Thursday, Remembering Never

Release date 18.10.2005

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