The Tossers

The Valley of The Shadow of Death

Written by: KS on 19/10/2005 14:44:55

The Tossers is a 7 piece Irish band hailing from Chicago playing a blend of Irish folk music and punk much like Flogging Molly. They have previously had 4 releases on a smaller label but this is their Victory Records debut and it's called 'The Valley of the Shadow of Death'.

The album is loaded with songs about alcohol and drinking, which is pretty much how we know the Irish. They use some instruments you don't normally see in bands we review - like a mandolin, a banjo and even a tin whistle, which gives the songs a somewhat piraty feel and makes it a listening experience but not really for the good.

When I first heard this album I found it hard not to think of Flogging Molly, since they are like the pioneers of this genre - or at least they are the ones who have become famous around the world in this genre - and that is a bit unfortunate, because I'm sure The Tossers were supposed to be original! And yet really they're not.

My main problem with this is simply that it's too slow. If they sped up the tempo a bit or had more fast songs, it would be much easier to get past those slow slow songs. The albums starts out pretty good with the fast, but short song 'Goodmornin' Da'. From there the tempo eases down quite a bit except on a few occasions. The song 'Drinking in the Day' even starts out with a spoken poem, which doesn't help one bit.

My favourite track, after listening to this for a while must be 'A Criminal of Me', which is pretty fast and this is where The Tossers have their strength. So why they have made all those slow songs confuses me quite a bit, but that's their choice. This is a record for the people who can't wait untill Flogging Molly or even the Dropkick Murphys drop a new album. It could be listened to while sharing a bottle of whiskey with some friends, because really it is that kind of mood setting. Yet perhaps it's even to slow to have playing in the background for that.


Download: A Criminal of Me
For the fans of: Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys

Release date 4.10.2005
Victory Records
Provided by Target ApS

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