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Tube Of The Resinated

Written by: PP on 24/07/2008 08:36:37

It\'s not hard to guess who influenced Cannabis Corpse, nor the lyrical themes the guys use on their sophomore album \"Tube Of The Resinated\". With song titles like \"Every Bud Smoken\" and \"Mummified In Bongwater\" dominating the tracklisting, these dudes certainly aren\'t hiding from the law enforcement officials. Their promotional stuff even states that every song on the album was recorded under influence. The end result? Pretty damn impressive US death metal I must say.

Musically, Cannabis Corpse imitate Cannibal Corpse pretty much note by note, with perhaps a few more solos and a bit more riffing than the US death metal titans. Everything is of course done in a tongue in cheek manner, which is probably why the guys have avoided a lawsuit so far, and at least for the undersigned, it is a refreshing change from the usual stone hard seriousness (see what I did there, heh!) that the death metal genre possesses. The cookie monster growl vocals blend in nicely against the technical serpentine riffs and ultra-speed blast beats, marking the record as a strictly standard death metal release, though the production and songwriting is at an unusually high level.

You see, despite not being the ultimate death metal fan out there, I\'ve found myself tuning into \"Tube Of The Resinated\" occasionally to give me a proper kick in the ass when I\'m needing one. Sure, the death metal enthusiasts will find the retro-death metal sound insulting to the legends, but most others should find Cannabis Corpse as a nice introduction to the genre, if not an outright gateway to checking out death masters Cannibal Corpse themselves.

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Release date 01.05.2008
Forcefield Records

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