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Wires And The Concept Of Breathing

Written by: TL on 22/07/2008 22:40:13

I remember listening to A Skylit Drive\'s EP \"She Watched The Sky\" a while ago, at that time dismissing them as just another band failing at bringing anything worth mentioning to the emocore genre that so many are trying so hard proclaim dead. Suffice to say, I was caught more than a little off balance by the sound of their debut full lenght \"Wires And The Concept Of Breathing\", which is, to be blunt, quite fuckin\' excellent.

For those to whom the bandname does not sound familiar, the sound will seem far from so, as long as you\'ve heard Blessthefall\'s \"His Last Walk\" or the most recent album from From First To Last. Soaring guitar melodies duel blasting drums for the dominance of a soundscape that\'s heavier than you\'d expect, mostly due to the latter. On top, vocalist Michael \'Jag\' Jagmin delivers bittersweet clean vocals of the style fans of Alesana and Greeley Estates will recognise, doing it however, at a level of proficiency that would suggest a longer career than that of a debuting artist. I suspect pro-tools is involved, but until I\'ve seen him live, I\'ll grant him the benefit of the doubt.

What sets \"Wires..\" apart from the rest of the pack however, is how God damn good it sounds. While everyone and everybody were busy writing the scenes obituary, A Skylit Drive has produced an album that ups the bar for it. The songs are catchy as hell, the drums are fuckin\' massive for a record of this genre, and the arraging of quiet/loud dynamics and clean/scream vocals would be rewriting the textbook if there ever was one. \"My Disease\" being the prime example on how to do things. For a more complete image of what this band is capable of however, you have to check out \"I\'m Not A Thief, I\'m A Treasure Hunter\", sporting every element at its finest and highlighted by brilliant tempo-changes and a breathtaking break in the middle. And if you\'re hungry for screams, check out \"Eris And Dysnomia\", but be warned, after hearing it you will at random times experience an urge to just roar \"THIS IS A WASTELAND!\" no matter where you are.

Without giving anything more away, I just want to state that A Skylit Drive sounds better than its contemporaries, by leaps and bounds, in terms of production (DID I MENTION THOSE DRUMS?!). There\'s nothing \'scene\' about it. It\'s as if emocore has grown into this and is now claiming a seat amongst the more grown music genres, and even if that\'s an overstatement, then there\'s still so many devilishly infectious hooklines on this particular record, for it to sweep you along anyway. On top of everything, the band has avoided the common mistake of screaming too much for their songs to come across, and as a result, every song on the record is a study in perfect focus and restraint.

So why, in spite of all the roses I have for this album am I not rating it at least 9? Weeeeell there are a few things I have to pick up on. While there\'s something about \"Wires And The Concept Of Breathing\" that sets it above a looooot of other screamo/emocore bands, the homogeneity of this record is also its boundary. A Skylit Drive have proved that they\'re capable of consistently writing an album of none but good songs, however, I feel that they stick a little too close to their style, and on their next release, it will suit them well if they take a few more chances, hopefully distinguishing the single songs even more and adding variety to their expression. And then, even after praising the production of the record, to be honest, the guitars are a little bit too clean to match the drums, and it would have been so much more awesome if they\'d been allowed to rip and tear a bit more, giving the band some teeth. That and Jag handling the next record with less production and a bit more depth to his voice, and we have the best emocore release since Emery\'s \"The Weak\'s End\" (which is probably my all time favourite, so that says A LOT). Heads up scenesters, this one\'s a must have.

Download: \"Eris And Dysnomia\", \"I\'m Not A Thief, I\'m A Treasure Hunter\", \"My Disease\"
For The Fans Of: Blessthefall, From First To Last, Saosin
Listen: myspace.com/askylitdrive

Release Date 20.05.2008
Tragic Hero Records

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