Forever The Sickest Kids

Underdog Alma Mater

Written by: TL on 28/06/2008 12:25:06

Oh man does the new Fall Out Boy album suck! Wait a minute.. This isn\'t Fall Out Boy? Oh, that explains a lot!

You guessed it. Forever The Sickest Kids sound exactly like every other pop punk band you\'ve heard about since as long as you can remember. That however, does not necessarily mean instant failure, and on this band\'s debut \"Underdog Alma Mater\", what separates them from the rest of the brat pack is.. nothing at all. The closest resemblance is to Fall Out Boy alright, but fans of Pete & Co. will instantly discover how much Forever The Sickest Kids pale in comparison. This is super shallow stuff of the kind you might not even expect from Simple Plan.

You\'ve simply heard it all before. From the \"Whoa-oh\'s!\" to the keyboards and the bouncy riffs, and it is painstakingly evident how the good old major label pop-formula is being applied to this band. There might be guitars, but really, what this is, is recyclable chewing-gum pop fresh out of mass-production, and to be frank I\'m nauseated by the sound of it. There\'s not a single surprise and not a single sign to hint that this band might actually have a soul, but then, I guess that\'s what happens when your debut album is released via Universal.

If you\'re looking for some vague sort of highlight in this pile of Westlife-ish vomit, I guess you could check out \"Believe Me, I\'m Lying\" for it\'s electronic bridge, and that being said will someone PLEASE put an end to the rape of the liars paradox. No, you do NOT sound clever because you\'ve stumbled upon the most ancient and well-known example of a contradiction, so shut up already.

So in summary, this album is about the worst piece of shit I have heard in a long while. It says everything to me when, off the top of my head I can easily think of a handful of bands that I think suck the big one, who are still infinitely more interesting than Forever The Sickest Kids. They\'ll probably sell a zillion-trillion records, but unless you\'re a 12 year old girl with overload on the eyeliner, you should rather hang yourself than be one of the buyers. Any \"rock freak\" should spit on this record.


Download: \"Believe Me, I\'m Lying\"
For The Fans Of: Simple Plan, Busted, McFly

Release Date 29.04.2008
Universal Records

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