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Written by: TL on 25/06/2008 23:19:36

Okay okay okay, so everyone in their right mind went straight into mourning mode when The Blood Brothers broke up, but even then, I don\'t know if that\'s reasonable grounds for a new band like Victorian Halls to come around sounding so similar that you\'d swear they were the same band. Never being one to shun a good carbon-copy of something awesome I did however throw myself on top of the band\'s self released EP \"Springteen\", and here it is the review for it.

Did I mention this band sounds like The Blood Brothers? They sound like The Blood Brothers. A LOT like The Blood Brothers. Apart from that they have some pianos that will remind you of bands like Foxy Shazam and maybe even Chiodos and, oh by the way, GOD DAMN THEY SOUND A LOT LIKE THE BLOOD BROTHERS. However, if you are able to remove your attention from the fact that they sound so. much. like. the. blood. brothers, here\'s what else they\'ve got: Seven songs on an EP with artwork so cool it gets your girlfriend interested. A pro-styled myspace page AND a homepage so quirky it screams artsyness in your face, and then they also have tens of thousands of dedicated fans, at least if one is to believe their promotional material. In fact, Victorian Halls is a band that has a lot going for them, considering their small size. Actually, the only thing they really need is the songs to back it all up.

You see, even The Blood Brothers didn\'t pull off their insane songs every time, and in order to be as immediately annoying in style as they arguably were, they needed to deliver some devilishly clever songs to pull you into it. They did, Victorian Halls don\'t. It\'s as simple as that. At least not yet. In effect, \"Springteen\" becomes only for those who want to jump on to a band before they get things straight and make it \"big\", or those who just miss The Blood Brothers so much they\'re willing to settle for anything with resemblance. The rest of us can probably find better things to pass time with until their next, and hopefully better, release comes along.

Download: Persecution of Bellisima Morte
For The Fans Of: The Blood Brothers, Chiodos, Foxy Shazam

Release Date 31.07.2007

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