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Narrow Stairs

Written by: TL on 19/06/2008 15:16:15

For anyone who, like me, came to love the last Death Cab For Cutie album \"Plans\", there\'s good news in form of the recent follow up \"Narrow Stairs\". Even if the new album is more groove-based and guitar-driven than its predecessor, there\'s still plenty of the same feeling that made \"Plans\" a masterpiece.

You see Death Cab\'s strength have always been in making simple but stunningly beautiful songs of the kind that stay in your mind for good after little more than a single listen. Here the expression has just been broadened, and so, the first song you\'ll be humming along too is the 8.25 long \"I Will Possess Your Heart\", boasting a drawn out progressive intro and a groovy bassline. \"No Sunlight\" picks up on the same style, ironically giving off a summery vibe.

Soon however, it becomes time for some tracks that are more recognisably Death Cab. On the short \"You Can Do Better Than Me\", the lyrics are dead on in describing one of the all too well known dilemmas of relationships, and along with the following \"Grapevine Fires\" and \"Your New Twin Sized Bed\", it is displayed how the band is capable of describing things that shouldn\'t really be romantic, in a way that still makes your heart stop and your mind wander. My thoughts are drawn towards the lyrical style Third Eye Blind used to represent.

In short, there\'s really no reason anyone should miss \"Narrow Stairs\". It\'s hard to find more beautiful music anywhere, and once again Death Cab For Cutie shows that with subtlety, melody and clever lyricism, they\'re able to succeed brilliantly where others merely attempt and fail. Compared to \"Plans\", the new album does not have as many tracks that are flat out unforgetable, but then that record was always going to be hard to follow up on, and even so, the new record almost measures up to it anyway. A cd by a band others should be measuring themselves against.

Download: I Will Possess Your Heart, You Can Do Better Than Me, Grapevine Fires
For The Fans Of: Third Eye Blind, Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes

Release Date 13.05.2008
Atlantic Records

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