The Damned, The Shamed

Written by: PP on 14/06/2008 13:50:13

LA Based moshcore thrashers Terror have been around the block for quite some while now, releasing a new album roughly every two years or so, alternating release years with Hatebreed in order to not get confused as just another Hatebreed disc. Because realistically, Terror has always sounded exactly like Hatebreed, starting from the moshcore riffage (although Terror is often slightly faster) to the fist-pumping, tough-guy screamed/yelled vocal delivery. \"Always The Hard Way\", the group\'s previous album, had its great moments especially during its gang shouted title track, and their fourth studio album \"The Damned, The Shamed\" picks off right where that record left off, only with improved choruses and catchier songs.

\"Voice Of The Damned\" opens the album with some speedy shredding and bombastic chord explosions. It boasts with one of the catchiest Terror choruses to date with vocalist Scott Vogal shouting \"WE ARE THE LOST, THE DAMNED AND THE SHAMED\" with his ugly yells, followed by an instrumental pause and massive gang vocals screaming the same lyrics back at him. Lyrically, the song is full of excellent social criticism of the state of America\'s poor: \"We never had a chance in this fucking world, we are the lost the damned and the shamed, broken homes, lost schools, abandoned homes\", immediately capturing the listener with its immediate and urgent message. \"Relentless Through And Through\" sums up Terror both from its title and the sound, with the gas pedal firmly stuck on the floor. The usual hardcore unity message comes through in the chorus \"Believe in nothing, TRUST NO ONE\", another easily memorable one that surely will see fists pumping in a live environment.

The rest of the album continues in the same vein, filled with catchy metallic riffage, gang shouts and yelled vocals. The album is perfect prey for two steppers and karate kid moshers alike, as it is full of classic moshcore moments that will without a doubt translate into lethal pits live. Highlights include (other than the aforementioned) the medium paced, but still powerful \"Never Alone\", the lyrically great \"Still Believe\", and of course the crushingly fast \"Lost Our Minds\".

The internet is full of criticism that all Terror releases sound the same, and to be frank, on \"The Damned, The Shamed\", Terror still sounds almost identical to their debut album \"One With The Underdogs\", give or take some guitar solos that make a welcome appearance on the new record. But that\'s also the strength of Terror, and the one quality that their fans like the most: when you buy a Terror record, you know what you\'re going in for. You know you\'re getting the Hatebreed-styled vocals and thrashy metallic hardcore riffs. You know you\'re going for a release from one of the only bands that still sounds precisely like the oldschool hardcore scene used to sound like when two-stepping was the name of the game at live shows.

But more importantly, you know that you\'re buying a damn good record every time. Terror combines the brutally aggressive with shades of melody and catchy in a good way, without ever really caring for reaching artistic brilliance or writing a 10/10 record. As such, the summary of \"The Damned, The Shamed\" is that it is yet another chapter in Terror\'s book titled \"frighteningly consistent\".

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For the fans of: Hatebreed, Death Before Dishonor, Madball, Full Blown Chaos
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Release date 10.06.2008
Century Media

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