Good To Be Bad

Written by: PP on 13/06/2008 11:38:24

Everyone reading this site should be familiar with Whitesnake, one of the biggest and most influential heavy rock / rock n roll bands of the last 30 years. With age old hit singles like \"Here I Go Again\" and \"Still Of The Night\" still circulating radios today, even the younger generation will have been touched by the pure rock n roll attitude of frontman David Coverdale and his sense for touching love songs filled with big riffs. There has been an eleven year break since the band\'s last full length, \"Restless Hearts\", and even before that the band hadn\'t released anything new in eight years. So Whitesnake are old dudes now, which makes it all the more impressive that they are still able to rock out like the peak of the 80s rock movement was today.

On \"Good To Be Bad\", Whitesnake continues from where they left off in 1989. The same formula of big solos, a raw rock and roll voice and massive soundscapes meant to fill stadiums still works (at least if you belong to the previous generation), which makes the sound easily comparable to Bon Jovi back in the old days. Back when big, messy hair and throwing TV\'s through hotel room windows was in. Back when the music world had real rock stars in the traditional sense, when stupid makeup or spending hours in front of the mirror setting your hair didn\'t exist. When the girls would line up as groupies behind the band\'s dressing room, after screaming from the top of their voice at the front rows of the show for well over two hours.

By now you should have a good picture of how Whitesnake sounds, and based on that image you can probably make up your mind if this is for you or not. If you\'re like me, who doesn\'t care much for the older 80s style of rock star oriented rock n roll as opposed to today\'s more intricate and more developed music scenes, \"Good To Be Bad\" will merely come across as an album with cool riffs and interesting solos without ever really becoming a regular on your playlist. But if you\'re all into the 80s rock scene, then \"Good To Be Bad\" is probably the second coming of Jesus to you, in a time where Bon Jovi has started sucking and the other hard rock bands of that era are long gone.


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