Crushing Digits

Written by: TL on 05/06/2008 18:53:42

Here in the little kingdom of Denmark, it\'s hard to find a band that\'s talked about more these days, than the electrorock outfit Veto. Their first album \"There\'s A Beat In All Machines\" displayed the full extend of their dark grooves and effectively raised a stir with the single \"You Are A Knife\" and its video. Everyone who was anywhere near trendy knew it and almost everybody thought it was cool as fuck. On a more overall level however, this reviewer felt that the album was a bit inconsistent, with only a few other songs matching the capacity of the single.

Now the guys have recently released the follow-up \"Crushing Digits\", and in some ways, nothing has changed. Veto are still by far the coolest guys on the block. They are way too cool for school, damn they\'re cooler than a pack of sunglass-wearing polar bears. The first single off the album \"Built To Fail\" makes dead sure you know and remember this, packing a synth-lead so devilishly infectious, it\'s going to have you begging to for a dancefloor any time you might hear it. Like its predecessor \"You Are A Knife\", it is the kind of track other electro-rock bands should measure their stuff by.

That being said however, the album, despite having a more electronic approach than the previous one, falls in the same pitfall, as the rest of the tracks still seem to lack the immediate accessibility of the single. It\'s easy to applaud the band for consistently sustaining their dense trademark atmosphere while never moving outside of the crossfire between electro and rock, but while the thoughtfulness of the lyrics impress with their depth, the delivery only seldomly lets the listener in, and the tight grip around the soundscape has gotten so intense, that energy-explosions like those of the old \"From A To B\" never escape the dark machinery.

This makes it very difficult to really get into the whole album, and it ends up seeming like a guy who\'s just too cool for you to ever get to know him. This matters little however, seeing how the trend favours Veto, and while foreigners might already have several new-rave bands as alternatives to them, any fan of Depeche Mode or The Klaxons will probably love Veto as well.


Download: Built To Fail, Digits, You Can\'t Afford It
For The Fans Of: The Klaxons, Depeche Mode, Spleen United

Release Date 05.05.2008

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