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Written by: PP on 28/05/2008 02:03:50

The Hottness, one of the newest artists signed to Ferret Records, are another great example of how labels and the music industry is trying to shift away from emo/metalcore and create a new trend where everyone will flock and hopefully buy lots of records. By now, everyone will surely have heard the southern drenched guitar sound in some band or another, and many of these seem to be moving towards Ferret as of late. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Foxy Shazam and Every Time I Die are the most prominent bands in their roster fitting this style, but in my eyes, The Hottness still has a long road ahead of them before they can match the class of those bands.

But that doesn\'t change the fact that \"Stay Classy\" is such a tease. The album opener \"Straight Brown\" is an amazing track, combining rock and roll groove, clean screaming and an infectious scream/clean contrast in the chorus, making you instantly wonder if these guys are the next Maylene to blow up onto the scene. Based on that track alone, you\'re excited for the album and can\'t wait to hear more. And when you notice that the tracks really don\'t have much more to them than overproduced screaming, occasionally contrasted with scratched clean singing, you are still left with a thought that there must be something you\'re not figuring out here. How can one track be so many divisions above the rest on an album? Sure, \"Blue Eyed\", \"Dearly Departed\" and \"This City Is Ours\" are decent songs and hint slightly towards UnderOATH making songs with Maylene & The Songs Of Disaster, but they lack the instant effect of the album opener. More importantly, they lack a distinguishable chorus. There are cool riffs scattered here and there, and the clean/scream dynamic sounds really good when it\'s used, but overall, you\'re left with a sense of blandness, a craving or more irresistible catchiness like the opener.

It\'s really hard to put a word on what exactly is the album\'s biggest flaw, just as it is equally difficult to say where it rules. It has some attitude, some groove, some kick, and some catchyness, but overall, it sounds just like another day in the office - nothing new and brilliant, but nothing bad and rehashed either. Just somewhere in between. But still, everyone MUST check out \"Straight Brown\"


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For the fans of: Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Every Time I Die, UnderOATH
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Release date 29.04.2008
Tragic Hero Records / Ferret Records

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