Your Vegas

A Town Of Two Cities

Written by: TL on 23/05/2008 15:34:49

It\'s been a while since the Vegas boys in The Killers took brit-rock and ran away with it, but now the old kingdom has finally fostered a record capable of taking it back, and it almost seems too ironic that the band who wrote \"A Town Of Two Cities\" is called Your Vegas. What is it with Vegas anyway?

Enough playing with words, though, and lets talk about the record. Opening with \"It Makes My Heart Break\", we are immediately introduced to the scale of the expression at play here. The song sounds like something The Killers or Keane could\'ve written, only even grander and more dramatic, with soaring guitars, backing piano-chords and strongly emotionally charged lyrics, and that style is applied consistently throughout the album. As grand as it sounds however, the band never gets over-ambitious, and thus the songs never grow larger than what\'s good for them, leaving us mercifully without overly bombastic 12-minute epics. Instead they rely on their melodies, sparkling as they are, to carry us through and get us interested in the words.

\"Birds Of Paradise\" marks an early highlight at track 3, and like in the opener, you can sometimes hear an edge in vocalist Coyle Girelli\'s voice that would make you think of Meat Loaf. \"Aurora\" picks up on more of the same goodness, featuring yet another direct chorus you\'re compelled to sing along to. The immediate star of the pack however, is the ballad \"The Way The War Is Won\", as it simply but effectively manages to be captivating, beautiful and thoughtful in at the same time, etching the words \"so put down your guns, and that\'s the way the war is won\" into your mind. After the tranquility of that song, the volume is turned right back up with the anthemic \"Your Vegas\", boasting yet another contagious chorus, and the trend is continued consistently throughout the album.

In conclusion, Your Vegas has managed to put together one hell of a consistent debut effort, like The Killers but with better vocals. Like Keane but less pop. Like Muse but more accessible. Like U2 except not trying too hard. Just ten good songs, easy as that. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Download: The Way The War Is Won, Birds Of Paradise, Your Vegas, Aurora
For The Fans Of: The Killers, Keane, Meat Loaf, Muse, U2, Coldplay

Release Date 12.03.2008
Universal Republic

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