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Written by: TL on 23/05/2008 14:08:06

Sorting through the endless flood of friend requests on Myspace (it\'s such a drag being popular.....), I one day stumbled over a band whose songs took residence in my mind immediately, and before long I found myself prowling the net for a place to get a hold of their entire album, finally having to order it from England and spending an agonizing week waiting for it to hit my mailbox.

Enter Silent Descent. The UK\'s newest contender on the field of introducing trance and techno into aggressive music, a seven-piece from Dartford, Kent playing what can best be described as \"trance-metal\". And before all you hipsters go \"bah, didn\'t Enter Shikari already do something like that!?\", then yes, using that logic, the only rock\'n\'roll band in history would be The Doors, and the only metal band Metallica. Do we have room for more contagious synth melodies entwined with awesome guitar solos on top of blast beats? The answer is YES WE BLOODY HAVE, and if you listen carefully, you\'ll find more than sufficient difference from Enter Shikari, for Silent Descent to hold their own in the hybrid-genre.

To sample their sound, simply check out the title track \"Duplicity\" and you should be more or less sold. Like I said, the electronic parts are so catchy you\'ll be suppressing apple-picking urges for weeks after hearing them, and with the added weight of metal riffs and properly pedal-pounding drumwork, the created contrast makes you want to lose your mind: moshing, dancing and headbanging at the same time. When the vocals depart from growls and screams into the clean department, they also further the staying power of the songs, and effectively it\'s hard not to sing along to the refrains in \"I Can, I Will\", \"Living In False Eternity\" and \"Into The Skies\".

Critically speaking, of course, you can\'t get around the fact that, most likely, these guys were influenced by Enter Shikari, as they do sound somewhat like them. However, their songs flow differently and their attitude isn\'t the same either, and for the metal drums and the solos, I\'m willing to overlook any notice of unoriginality. The only thing I really want to criticize is the album\'s inconsistency, with primarily the songs I\'ve already mentioned being brilliant, while a good handful of the others fall a bit short. That being said, I\'m still starting to collect glowsticks in the dream of seeing these guys support Enter Shikari (maybe even with HORSE The Band on the bill?). What a techno-party it would be!


Download: Duplicity, Living In False Eternity, In The Skies
For The Fans Of: Enter Shikari, HORSE The Band

Release Date 12.03.2008

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