The Question

Written by: KS on 10/10/2005 12:47:45

Upon my first listen through this new Emery album I was really dissappointed.
The soundbits I had heard beforehand were promising, though not really amazing.

The record has one big question - and curiously enough the album is entitled 'The Question' - which is completed with the song titles. The main question is: "Where were you, when I was..." and then the song titles complete the question, like "Where were you, when I was... 'Listening to Freddie Mercury'", "Where were you, when I was... 'So Cold I Could See My Breath'".

I haven't quite understood the purpose of this, but I believe it has something to do with the cover, which shaped as an old-fashion telegram or letter that's probably adressed to and containing the question to a girlfriend/lover/religious figure - Where were you, when I was...? (in need of your help?)

After a few listens, this album grows, but it never reaches the top like Emery's debut, 'The Weak's End'.
Some very solid songs like "So Cold I Could See My Breath", "Playing With Fire" and the different "Listening To Freddie Mercury" starts the album, but unfortunately it loses it's momentum on the second half of the record and ends out with some, in my opinion, very weak songs, whereas the debut was solid all the way through.

Good effort from Emery, though not as good as their previous release.


Download: Playing With Fire
For the fans of: The Early November, Terminal

Release date 2.8.2005
Tooth & Nail Records

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