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Bring Me Your Love

Written by: TL on 23/04/2008 01:44:08

When it comes to the new City And Colour record, I\'m not going to beat around the bush, simply because I\'m going to need all of two words to describe it. \"Hauntingly beautiful\". That\'s it. Now if you don\'t have it already, go get it - Now!

.. Okay so if you need a bit more convincing than that, let\'s just go over it in detail. City And Colour is an alias hiding Dallas Green, the guy who swings the rhythm guitar and sings the prettier parts in his day time job in Alexisonfire. If you do not know of him, suffice to say he can damn well sing the pants off men, women, children and whatever else might wear pants. His voice is simply brilliant, and City And Colour is his side project through which he has an outlet for the artistic impulses that are a bit too subtle for Alexisonfire\'s usual volumous style. \"Bring Me Your Love\" is the second album he\'s released, and while I never really took notice of the first one, I\'m damn well going to, after having been taken in by this one.

What is on \"Bring Me Your Love\" are twelve tracks of displaying just how good music you can create using only your voice and acoustic guitar (and a bit of banjo, harmonica, piano and subtle drumming here and there, but those are small details). You see the brilliance of it is that, when you basically only have some simple acoustic guitar and your own voice in the spotlight, there\'s nothing to hide behind. You have to be one hell of a singer to succesfully shine under so much focus, yet somehow Dallas manages to do just that. The style is as simple as can be, basically shaving the entire soundscape down so there\'s hardly anything except the songs and the voice that sings them, and still every word and every line is delivered so passionately and masterfully that you feel like you want to hear more - like you want to understand what the songs are about.

I admit that I feel at odds, my breath lost in trying to accurately describe why \"Bring Me Your Love\" is so good. You might say that it\'s just a guy with a guitar, but that\'s what makes it so impressive. There\'s not one moment on the record where you shouldn\'t be in awe of how good the singing is or intrigued by how well the songs work. There are no low points, only highlights, those coming in the form of the urgent \"Sleeping Sickness\" and the sweet and encouraging \"The Girl\". This record is simply brilliant and if you appreciate musical talent, raw and simple, I urge you again to get it, better sooner than later.

Download: Sleeping Sickness, The Girl
For The Fans Of: Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Gracer
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Release 12.02.2008
Dine Alone/Vagrant Records

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