What Is Rockfreaks.net?

Rockfreaks.net - Music from a fan's point of view

Rockfreaks.net is the largest online magazine in Denmark - operating since 2003 - a magazine fully owned and run by people whose sole passion is music. Our staff collectively lives and breathes through thousands of albums, hundreds of live shows and dozens of festivals each year while we scour music scenes all around the world to share with our readers the very best in music - a true "by the fans, for the fans" medium.

We make no discrimination between famous mainstream phenomena and obscure local bands trying to make a breakthrough, and through the years we have developed an extraordinarily wide frame of reference in order to convey the most interesting and accurate information to you, our reader.

So you might ask: what is our focus? The majority of magazines cater to only one kind of audience. Rockfreaks.net caters to those who have long ago realized that good great music exists in each and every genre. Whether it's grindcore, indie rock, tough guy hardcore, gothic metal, pop punk, post-rock, emo, death metal or mainstream rock, each genre has it's own pile of crap, but if you dare to scratch enough underneath the surface, and you'll find gems. Guaranteed.

Our staff is based in Denmark and the United Kingdom, and hence our coverage of festivals and live shows is limited to European countries (with occasional exceptions).

NOTE: We DO NOT cover pop, hip-hop, dance music, etc. We won't review it.


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