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Posted by PP on 13/07/10

She Is Malignant have issued an update on what's going on with their new record and the band:

So time has passed since the last time you heard from us. It’s not because we haven’t had any time for the band – it’s actually the opposite. We’ve been quite busy writing, recording and producing our debut-release.

As written before we’ve been handed some money from MobileMusic, to record and produce a sophomore release. The album has a name, which will be published soon enough. With the album follows 9 songs, titled:

1. Short of Ink

2. If I, if they, they are, I…

3. Black Face

4. A Thank You Note to Cole M

5. Hexagon

6. Chinese Vancouver

7. Imperial Love

8. Regain Astray

9. Yes, Yes, No

With the release a handful essential changes will follow. A new song, Myspace, website, merchandise and a significant change we are yet to talk about, will be released soon, all at once. As a band we’ve moved a bit genre-wise. Not only our production at CB-studios, which we really think is one of the best productions to come out of CB ever, but also our new way of writing have changed the band. In a good way. We’ve gone darker and heavier, but with passages of relief and illumination. We’ve suited in a new soundscape, which we really feel comfortable with. Some of the keywords are aggression, gloom and hope. Let's just say we're extremely excited - hope you're too!

Along the release, a fall-tour will be in its place. So we’ll tour Denmark with a lot of upcoming and talented acts throughout this fall. Expect the dates to be set around September to November.

This is all we can give you now, but soon you’ll be filled in alright.

Take care, ND

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